Based on our experiences, also utilizing international cooperation, we have renewed our production technology. The adhesives received at the time of the foundation of our company were exchanged for modern newly developed ones, suiting the needs of our customers. These technological improvements provided the basis for manufacturing products that answer today's requirements. Products, that you can sample in this catalogue.

Our stable, well-controlled production technology makes us able to produce not only regular products but also ones customized to the special needs of our clients. Our newly developed adhesives also help to be able to achieve this purpose. Our newly developed standard multi-function adhesives provides flexibility to our customers in their operations thus enhancing their competitivity. We are continuously widening our product range in response to our customers' needs. In many cases, we are working together with our clients to find solutions to their special problems. 



Manufacturing products from extraordinary materials for special uses or producing 3, 5 or 7 layers self-adhesive laminates is part of our daily routine. Together with our suppliers we are offering new printing materials for new uses, for example high-quality creative printable material for producing winelabels for high quality wines. Our mission is to provide not only products, but to serve with solutions.