Receiving the ISO 9002:1994 certification in 1999 was an important step in the way to become a stable mature company. Our quality assurance system was upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 after strengthening our innovation activities and introducing quality control in this area also. As a result if these developments the quality and reliability of our products complies with the international standards. Budaval Rt has started using an integrated information system (ERP) in 2002, which was an important development. This system provides us not only with improved controlling information but also with improved control over our production including production planning and product tracking. Most importantly, using this ERP system helped us to better serve our customers through faster deliveries and also gave them the opportunity of faster material handling (due to improved bar code labeling of our products).





We are efficiently implementing our quality control system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2000, while constantly pursuing the development of its success.
We want to take part in our customers' success, thus we consider their needs and their long term goals are priorities.
We choose and assess our suppliers (subcontractors) with utmost attention, while expecting from them the very same quality standards as ours and that the services and products they provide have the highest quality and reliability.
We are constantly developing the methods we use and our own strict standards in accordance with the develompent of international standards while applying these to our customers' and the markets' needs.
We believe that the constant development of our quality standards and the achievement of our goals in this respect, is a daily challenge for us.
We consider that the constant maintenance, development  and the broadening   of our human resources' knowledge is of utmost importance.